Enabling Technologies


Product tracking and genealogy can take many forms – from tracking products down a production line through to full life cycle product tracking from raw materials in, through the process to warehousing and then distribution.  The costs savings aspects and drivers of a tracking system are typically:


  1. Direct labour costs associated with maintaining a paper based system verses an electronic system
  2. Direct labour costs associated with the time taken to find products that are tracked on a paper based system verses one where the relevant information is immediately available on screen
  3. Indirect costs associated with product tracking and total amount of product recalled in the event of a product recall being needed
  4. Regulatory requirements – a necessary requirement in relation to maintaining your business’s sustainability.


By adding a tracking system your whole manufacturing cycle becomes more streamlined and effective, and the tracking system can be integrated with any other MES components that you may deploy.  To discuss a potential application please email or 'phone our sales team using the Contact Us page and we will arrange for a specialist to contact you.