Training Services

At Optimal we are able to offer a range of training services, these being either on a specific technology else based on project specifics.  We usually tailor a course to suit your specific requirements, and the training can either be at our offices else on your site.  Typical training courses include:

    1. Siemens S5 (for legacy system maintenance)
    2. Siemens S7
    3. Siemens PCS7
    4. Siemens WinCC
    5. Rockwell PLC5 (for legacy system maintenance)
    6. Rockwell SLC (for legacy system maintenance)
    7. Rockwell Control Logix
    8. Rockwell FactoryTalk View
    9. Cognex InSight Vision Systems
    10. Cognex VisionPro Vision Systems
    11. Operator Training in synTI
    12. Engineer Training in synTI
    13. An Introduction to PAT
    14. PAT Deployment in R&D
    15. PAT Deployment in Manufacturing
    16. PAT Data Management
    17. Operator Training in synTQ
    18. PAT Engineer Training in synTI
    19. Your Specific Application

      For any specific course please contact us and we would be pleased to prepare a training package proposal.