Enabling Technologies

Workflow & EBRS

Process Workflow automation and the provision of Electronic Batch Records can provide manufacturers with very significant operational savings.  Operational time is wasted, (and mistakes made), when operators are not clearly instructed as to what they should be doing, and ideally constrained from doing anything untoward.  Depending on the complexity of the process, valuable time can be lost trying to obtain the correct paper based work instructions, the correct production ‘recipe’ and information on the in-process checks (IPCs) that are to be made together with the associated parameters and timing of the checks.  By providing a workflow environment all the salient information is readily available to an operator and he/she is inhibited as far as possible from making mistakes, and in this way productivity is increased and wastage reduced.  Furthermore, again depending on the process, the batch record can be significant in size.  When produced manually this not only takes a very significant amount of time to produce but also a huge amount of time for the quality department to check through and verify.  This in turn delays the product being released for sale.  By adding electronic batch records to your process then all of the salient information can be gathered and validated in real time and the final checking of the electronic document is either minor else not needed at all.  The labour savings are significant and the product can be immediately released for sale.  To discuss a potential application please email or 'phone our sales team using the Contact Us page and we will arrange for a specialist to contact you.