Optimal Industrial Automation

Specialist Industries

Through our years of operation we at Optimal have been involved in the automation of systems in virtually every industry sector, and so the industries mentioned here are just the main industries with whom we have worked - it is not a definitive list of all industries that we have worked in. It is fair to say that in the main Optimal's business concentrates on the highly regulated industries where high quality systems with full life cycle documentation & validation are essential. However, high quality systems are also demanded by industries that are not so highly regulated but where our core automation skills are very much relevant, and so you will see that we are very active in a whole range of industries. Also we find that our competence in the broad spectrum of automation technologies together with our "one stop shop" facilities makes our business very attractive to clients. We operate an open and honest approach whereby we would rather decline a project opportunity if it didn’t fit well with our skill base than take it on and not deliver to our usual high standard. Therefore if you work within an industry that doesn't at first sight seem to fit with our range of experiences then we would we would be pleased to discuss the opportunity with you, as often cross-fertilisation of techniques and technologies between industries can be of great benefit to our clients.