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synTQ by Optimal Industrial Technologies

A regulatory compliant, award-winning Process Analytical Technology (PAT) knowledge management platform and quality-centric control software suite. This market-leading platform is empowering digital transformation in production processes across industries.

Key features of synTQ:
– Integrates with standard, modular, and universal hardware/software for manufacturing process development
– Enables real-time data recording and statistical process control from lab to full-scale production
– Facilitates quality predictions and continuous improvement
– Compatible with various devices and systems, supporting complete PAT implementation
– Adapts to changing needs, integrating new interfaces as required
– Supports continuous manufacturing and real-time release testing
– Offers editions for all scales, from small projects to plant-wide systems
– Easy upgrade path, allowing for seamless scalability for future expansion

What is synTQ?

Discover more about the technical features of synTQ and how it can transform your production processes at: