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Optimal Industrial Automation supports companies in a variety of industries, offering custom industrial automation solutions that help users advance along their digital transformation journey.


Optimal Industrial Automation is the partner to help you elevate quality, ensure compliance and drive innovation in the (bio)pharmaceutical sector. We specialise in designing, building, and upgrading automation solutions for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. We have successfully delivered batch, continuous, and discrete process implementations that offer substantial benefits to our clients.

Driving Innovation with PAT
We’re at the forefront of automated biotechnology and pharmaceutical production with Process Analytical Technology (PAT), enhancing productivity and regulatory compliance. By setting up highly effective PAT frameworks, we help companies improve process control, quality assurance as well as shift towards continuous processing.

Validation and Compliance Expertise
Our dedicated teams provide validation services and comprehensive post-sale support. We are ISO accredited and well-versed in industry regulations, including GAMP guidelines, FDA 21 CFR Part 210/211, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.


At Optimal Industrial Automation, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled expertise to the chemical industry. With a strong track record and a dedication to excellence, we have successfully executed projects for a diverse range of companies within the sector. From fine chemical production facilities to heavy chemical complexes, we have leveraged our extensive skills and experience to create highly effective control systems that optimise both batch and continuous processes.

Unmatched compliance and safety
We take safety and compliance seriously. Optimal Industrial Automation is fully compliant with SIL assessments, safety systems and ATEX regulations. This commitment to safety ensures that our projects not only meet industry standards but also provide a secure and reliable environment for your operations. Our scope of work encompasses everything from the initial planning to the building, installation, and rigorous testing of both hardware and software components for effective industrial automation applications.

Embracing new technologies
In the ever-evolving landscape of the chemical industry, embracing new technologies is crucial to staying competitive. At Optimal, we are at the forefront of innovation and are helping customers advance along their digital transformation journeys. We have demonstrated the potential for productivity enhancement and waste reduction by developing custom machines and implementing state-of-the-art process control solutions, including Process Analytical Technology (PAT). Our own installations have been offering substantial improvements in efficiency, reduced waste, and enhanced product quality.

When you partner with Optimal Industrial Automation, you are gaining a strategic ally dedicated to unlocking your chemical production’s full potential. We are ready to tackle your challenges and help you thrive in a dynamic industry.

Food & Beverage

At Optimal Industrial Automation, we have helped companies redefine the landscape of food and beverage production with our cutting-edge solutions. Through the integration of robotic systems, machine vision technology and special-purpose machinery, alongside pure automation systems, we can breathe new life into existing facilities and bring innovative food and beverage production systems to life.

Adapting to Industry 4.0
To thrive in today’s global market, the food and beverage industry must readily embrace and apply Industry 4.0 principles. Seasonal challenges, ever-changing consumer demands and shifting expectations necessitate agility and innovation. Optimal is your partner in navigating this dynamic sector, helping you deliver high-quality products quickly and with high efficiency through state-of-the-art automation.

Enhanced efficiency and sustainability
In an era where efficiency and sustainability are paramount, Optimal is a driving force behind positive change. We empower food and beverage companies of all types to create adaptable and efficient automation systems that optimise resource use and reduce waste.

Our innovative solutions have a tangible impact on your bottom line, ensuring that your production processes is sustainable, agile and responsive to market demands. With Optimal, you can keep pace with industry changes and position your business for long-term success.

Aerospace & Military

Our diverse portfolio of automated solutions for the aerospace and military industries support a variety of applications, covering both structures and engines. We have been working across all tiers of aerospace manufacturing, addressing critical areas such as track and trace, workflow management, data capture and recording, automatic component inspection, process, assembly and test rig automation.

Meeting the highest standards
When it comes to aerospace and military projects, accuracy, precision, reliability, and adherence to the strictest standards are paramount. We have a proven track record of delivering on these fronts, earning the trust of clients across the industry. We are committed to taking your operations to new heights, whether you are working on civil or military applications.

Multifaceted competencies
We take pride in our wide-ranging competencies, encompassing control systems, machine vision and robotics as well as more advanced capabilities, including overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), automated monitoring and targeting (aM&T), and production optimisation technologies. Using these tools, we can enhance various processes, systems, and unit operations within the aerospace and military sectors.

Green energy

For years, Optimal Industrial Automation has been at the forefront of the green energy revolution, providing sophisticated automation services to visionary companies driving the development of sustainable energy generation and storage solutions. Our dedication to sustainability is unwavering, and we are selected to lead critical projects, offering expert consultancy in areas such as cyber security, automation, and control.

Pioneering solutions
Our expertise extends to the design, construction, and installation of control systems, which play a pivotal role in optimising green energy processes through efficient and reliable operations. We have actively participated in the development of suitable control solutions for the industry from the earliest conceptual stages, working closely with innovators to turn ideas into reality. Together, we have created prototypes that have expanded to supply the national energy grid.

Sustainable district energy
Our commitment to green energy also encompasses combined heat & power (CHP) plants, including fully integrated district heating and cooling systems. Ultimately, we are playing a significant role in advancing sustainable energy solutions that benefit communities and the environment.