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Packaged Solutions to Streamline Automated Processes

At Optimal Industrial Automation, we recognise the specific needs of our clients and their machines. To meet these requirements effectively, we offer a range of packaged industrial automation control solutions. These are designed to simplify process control, enhancing efficiency and quality, ultimately ensuring seamless operation and maximum productivity.

Our packaged solution offering covers:

Freeze dryers:

Our solutions optimise the freeze-drying process, enhancing efficiency and product quality.

Blenders and mixers:

We streamline blending operations, ensuring uniformity and precision in product composition.

Fluidized bed dryers:

Our expertise enhances fluidised bed dryer operation, crucial for various manufacturing processes.

Tablet coaters:

We provide solutions that optimise the tablet coating process, ensuring consistent and efficient production.

Clean-in-Place (CIP) sets:

Our automated solutions for CIP sets guarantee thorough and efficient cleaning, meeting stringent hygiene standards.

Continuous oral solid dose (OSD) manufacturing:

We excel in creating continuous OSD manufacturing lines and components, redefining efficiency in pharmaceutical production.

Dosimetry and irradiation automation:

Our expertise ensures precision and safety in dosimetry and irradiation processes to deliver high-quality, sterile products.

Learn more about how our packaged solutions are transforming manufacturing in various industries: