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Technical Competencies

At Optimal Industrial Automation, our commitment to excellence is powered by a robust foundation of technical competencies. With decades of experience in industrial automation and a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies, we are your partner in harnessing innovation for operational success.

Our core skills include:

Programming excellence:

We specialise in programming a wide breadth of control systems, ensuring seamless automation and control across a range of processes.

Machine vision mastery:

Leveraging advanced machine vision technology, we enable precise, real-time visual inspection and analysis.

Robotics expertise:

Our robotics solutions optimise manufacturing processes, enhancing speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Laser Marking:

We have vast experience installing and retrofitting Marking Technology, to be used on numerous different materials and finishes.

Data management and analytics:

We develop high-level software and database solutions to support data-driven decision-making and system management.

Process Analytical Technology (PAT):

We are at the forefront of PAT solutions, enabling real-time, holistic quality measurement and control.

Special-purpose machine design:

We design and build specialised machinery that is tailored to unique requirements, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

Control panel design:

Our control systems and panels are designed to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring reliability and performance.

Safety assessments:

We conduct safety integrity level (SIL) assessments to develop suitable automated solutions and enhance reliability and risk management in industrial processes.

ATEX design and build:

We offer solutions that meet ATEX directives, ensuring safe operation in potentially explosive environments.

Emergency shutdown and redundant systems:

We develop robust emergency shutdown and redundancy systems to ensure the safety of your operations, guarantee reliability and uptime.

Project management:

Our project management expertise ensures smooth execution and delivery, on time and within budget.

Front-end design exercises:

We engage in front-end design exercises to ensure the success of your projects from the outset.

Extensive documentation preparation:

Our meticulous documentation supports transparency, compliance, and efficient operation. We also provide comprehensive validation documentation and execution to meet regulatory requirements.

Post-sale support and service:

Our commitment extends beyond delivery, we offer exceptional post-sale support and service that covers the entire service life of our solutions and beyond.

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