iPass for MDI

iPass for MDI, Optimal’s robotised system for detecting leaks during the manufacturing of pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) has increased the leak detection rate by 30 times in key applications.

We are proud to announce that the iPass for MDI machine won a Pharma Innovation award in the Quality category, for the groundbreaking improvements it can bring to this industry!

The fully automated leak detection system consists of a carousel conveyor running at constant speed and composed of a number of cavity holders, known as ‘pucks’. These hold the individual pMDI canisters and transport them through a tunnel, designed to help concentrate any gas leakage by sealing the top and bottom of the pucks. A sensitive laser gas analyser is used to test the air surrounding the canisters. If an item is found to be defective and leaking even a tiny amount of propellant gas, it is discarded. Operators can monitor the process in real time via SCADA platforms, which share information with the gas analysers.

iPass for MDI can process 180 pMDI canisters per minute and reject individual defective items, rather than entire batches.