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Read more about real-world success stories from Optimal Industrial Automation’s customers and end users. Dive into our industry-specific projects and see how we have delivered innovative automation solutions to address unique challenges.

Medical devices: Control Solution for Swann Morton

When Swann Morton Services’ continuous radiation sterilisation facility needed a new real-time automated control solution, Optimal Industrial Automation developed an advanced setup to replace its legacy system and increase efficiency.

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Chemical: Automated Fluid Bed Dryers

To deliver top performance and high-quality results in the controlled, gentle and homogeneous drying of wet solids, fluidised bed dryers (FBDs) need to keep pace with the advances in continuous control. Well-designed upgrades can bring FBDs to the next level, enhancing a company’s production and competitive edge.

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Food and Beverage: Improve Legacy Automation Systems

A survey on a legacy control system proved highly valuable when a UK-based importer and processor concluded that its existing infrastructure was no longer able to address its requirements, and that it needed to pinpoint any shortcomings prior to acting upon them.

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Green Energy: Highview Power Automated Digital Twins

Highview Power, a global leader in long-duration energy storage solutions, is supporting the global adoption of advanced cryogenic plants with its proprietary liquid air energy storage technology. The company’s latest project is the construction of a 50 MW liquid air energy storage facility (with a minimum of 250MWh) in Carrington Village, Greater Manchester, UK. To ensure successful operation at this landmark facility, the company is collaborating closely with its automation and technology development partner, Optimal Industrial Automation.

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Pharmaceutical: Vision systems advance quality control capabilities

In the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, every pack of oral solid dosage (OSD) form and its content must be carefully inspected to guarantee that it meets quality standards and complies with regulatory requirements. While traditional control methods have considerable limitations, by adopting advanced vision inspection methods, manufacturers can transform blister pack inspections into an extremely accurate, precise and efficient operation.

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