Software & Hardware Products

The provision of products to our clients has become a significant part of our business, with our offer being broad but very specifically focussed.  The areas that we concentrate on are:

  1. Our software product synTQ®, (synchronised Total Quality), which specifically targets the need for data collation and management in a coherent and regulatory compliant way for the implementation of PAT, (Process Analytical Technology) in the Life Sciences industry.  Having said this, it is equally applicable to many other process based industries where better process control and process understanding is required.  PAT and synTQ® specifically is one of those rare products can give you all 3 requirements of a project that are mutually exclusive, i.e. you can have a product delivered faster, at a lower cost and with improved quality!  Please contact us to find out more about how synTQ® can save you money and improve your process.

  2. Our software product synTI®, (synchronised Total Inspection), which specifically targets the need for the management of machine vision data in a regulated environment together with the capability to provide product serialisation, (i.e. the application and verification of unique codes to each and every pack/product to allow full product traceability from the pack/product level from the manufacturing process to the point of end consumer collection/purchase).

  3. Our automated machine iPass®, (integrated Print assurance), this being a small footprint machine that is designed to fit into your production line to print and verify each and every product being produced.


Our Products include:

  1. synTQ for PAT
  2. synTQ Lite
  3. synTQ OEM Edition
  4. synTQ Research Edition
  5. synTQ Pilot Plant Edition
  6. synTQ Enterprise Edition
  7. synTQ Shared Features
  8. synTI for Integrated Product Inspection
  9. synTI for Product Serialisation
  10. iPass for Print & Inspection

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